Dr. Klein takes a Holistic approach to dental care. Our focus is the overall health and wellness of our patients rather than simply treating disease or discomfort.  We use the most bio-compatible materials available in restoring teeth and oral health.

We approach the beauty of your smile from a healthy foundation.  Our philosophy includes mainstream, scientific based dentistry in combination with promoting proper nutrition in balance with overall health.

As we age, proper nutrition continues to be essential for health and it is crucial to have healthy teeth and gums to eat properly to absorb nutrients.

At The Art of the Smile, we can care for your toddlers first tooth and teach them how to keep their adult ones for a lifetime. 


As your oral health care partners we are goal-setting to have healthy teeth and gums for life.

We take the time to understand the unique needs of each family member during every stage of life, including any special conditions in your mouth, and any ways in which your medical and health conditions may affect your teeth or oral health. 

Care and education are the cornerstones to helping our patients maintain healthy teeth and mouths. We pride ourselves on participating in cutting edge, advanced dental seminars and study groups in order to educate our patients on the most current dental health topics, preventive oral care techniques, tooth restoration and cosmetic procedures.

Come in and meet Dr. Klein and his caring team.  We will be happy to discuss how restoring your mouth to health can lead to an overall feeling of health and wellness.